Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DVD and Online Yoga Resources

A few of you have asked me for advice on Yoga DVDs to buy so you can practice at home. I hope this finds you!!

Ashtanga DVDs

The Yoga that I teach is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series. That said, our classes are a tempered version of this type of Yoga. A full Ashtanga practice is a challenging, set series of postures. It can be practiced by anyone but bear in mind that if you have injuries or are recovering from an illness you should seek out a gentler practice to begin with!

If you are going to go the Ashtanga route, there are only two names that I have for you:
  • Richard Freeman
  • David Swenson
A quick search on YouTube will show you why. My own teachers prefer Richard Freeman's DVD but both of these men are amazing yogis and excellent teachers, and studied Ashtanga for many years with its founder, Sri K. Patthabi Jois.

You can find DVDs by them both on the online store at Remember you are looking for a DVD of the Primary Series.

Other Online Resources

With the proliferation of new media, there are tonnes of online resources for yoga - if you happen to be in a place where you can access them!!

Here are a few I have heard good reviews about:
  • Yoga Today - Every week, Yoga Today delivers a free class via the internet. They also have subscription options where you can buy classes one-by-one for about $3, or buy a membership to get unlimited access to classes.
  • YogaGlo - YogaGlo charges an $18 monthly fee, and in return you get unlimited access to video classes.


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