Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedensday teacher and Bree going away

Hello Yogis,

This Wednesday you will have a guest teacher, Sarah Hohl, who is here from her home in Seattle, USA, where she also teaches Yoga with a therapeutic focus. I will be there as her teaching assistant.

You will be seeing a lot more of Sarah soon - as many of you know, I am heading off to Bali to do my Yoga teacher training certification. I can hardly believe it but the date is approaching in two weeks time!

I will be gone from Dili Yoga from Wedensday July 29 and my first class back will be Wednesday August 26th. While I am away Sarah will be teaching all of my classes. I will miss you all but I'm leaving you in very cabable hands.



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my little cup of coffe said...

Hi Bree, I always want to learn Yoga but i never had the chance. I will be in Timor Leste next month and will spend lots of times there, I hope i can join your class
see you,