Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bear with us!

Hi Dili Yogis,

It will be no surprise to you that this post is about the yoga room. There are lots of you coming to yoga, which is fantastic, but as you all know, it seems our class has outgrown our lovely space at the Alola Foundation.

As of yet we don't have another option but I just wanted to reassure you all that I am looking into some alternatives and will be visiting a few places over the weekend and in the coming week.

So please hang in there another week or two, be patient with us and with each other when you're on the mat. Also please try to be ON TIME! It is really disruptive when people come in late and the entire room has to re-shuffle to accommodate them.

I am looking at a few gym spaces this weekend in the local schools and universities. If this works out our room donations can go to support the school. If anyone else has an idea - please let me know!

Namaste and keep practising!

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