Sunday, November 16, 2008

Class levels, mats, and other info

Hi everyone and thanks for all the positive feedback we've been getting.

In response to a few questions, I wanted to clear up that the Dili Yoga classes are for ALL LEVELS - no previous yoga experience required. If you are a beginner, please let the teacher know at the beginning of class. That said, the 1.5 hour classes - Fridays and some Mondays (no fixed schedule for which mondays, sorry) - can be more challenging so if you're totally new, recovering from an injury, or not sure if you're up to 1.5 hours of 'bending and stretching', I recommend you start with the 1 hour Wednesday class and see how you go.

Additional information - there are some spare mats available at the Alola foundation for use on a first-come-first-serve basis. At the moment I don't think there are any mats for sale in Dili therefore if anyone is going to Bali or Australia soon, please let us know if you would be able to bring back a few mats for those in need.

We ask a $4 donation per class which goes to the teachers. That said, I feel it's important to point out that only Tanya (who teaches Mondays) is an officially certified yoga teacher - the rest of us (for now - I will be doing a course mid '09 if I get accepted!) are just fellow yoginis who are willing to put in a little time to help you all get motivated.

I will be posting very soon the schedule for December through mid-January. Until then... Namaste. :)

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